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Braga Pilgrims Hostel “Casa da roda”

NEW information – From 13 May to 23 Mai , due to the “Braga Romana” activities, we will not accept any pilgrims. We are sorry for that.

“Casa da Roda” pilgrim hostel can be accessed by all pilgrims heading to Santiago de Compostela, Fátima, or any other place of pilgrimage.

Access to “Casa da Roda”  pilgrim hostel is available exclusively to Pilgrims with the “Pilgrim’s Credential” (duly completed and stamped) and the Personal Identification document.

The use of the facilities at “Casa da Roda” pilgrim hostel is subject to the payment of the following fees, per night:

  • Pilgrims on foot with or without a backpack – € 6.00 / person;
  • Pilgrims by bicycle – € 6.00 / person;
  • Pilgrims on horseback – € 6.00 / person;
  • People traveling in support cars – € 6.00 / person;
  • Other situations – youth groups – € 6.00 / person;

Space usage rules

  • Access must be made until 10 pm, at which time the reception service will end.
  • The premises must be abandoned by 10 am the next day.
  • Users should take care of the facilities with due diligence, leaving them tidy and clean.
  • Likewise, they will be responsible for the damage or loss verified during the period of stay in the facilities.

Itinerary and important information for pilgrim here.

GPS: 41.550189, -8.426042
Rua S. João 3, 4700-313 Braga

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